Wyoming Repeater Coordinator Group

Frequency Coordination

Coordination of radios helps reduce the likelihood of harmful interference.

Repeaters are coordinated for one specific site. To maintain frequency coordination, please notify the coordinator should you elect to move to a different site.

Repeater Frequency Coordination

To confirm an existing Wyoming repeater or to apply for frequency coordination, please choose a form below.

Confirmation of Existing Wyoming Repeater

Application for Frequency Coordination in Wyoming

Transfer of Existing Coordination

We must have a signed letter from the trustee granting the transfer.

Repeater Location Update

In case your repeater location needs updated, this page can help you obtain accurate coordinates:

Repeater Location Update Page

We will only accept repeater location changes from the repeater trustee.

Frequency coordination is a free service provided by the Wyoming Repeater Coordinator Group. Membership is available for $10.00 per year. This supports us by offsetting the expenses of frequency coordination and website maintenance.